Executive Summary

BNP Paribas, one of the largest global banks, needed to evolve their approach to sales and advance the skills of their Client Relationship Managers. They worked with PCP to do this and developed the "Trusted Advisor Programme" to help them move towards their strategic objectives and increase sales.

The Client Relationship Managers who went through the programme have individually managed to break sales records – and significantly increase the overall sales for the division, exceeding all previous expectations.

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Client Relationship Managers working at the French-owned bank had excellent knowledge, experience and performed well. However, faced with an increasingly fast-moving environment, greater competition and complex client scenarios, they needed to develop advanced skills and adapt their sales approach. 

The leaders formed a clear vision for their sales teams. They wanted to hear their clients say: 

 “BNP Paribas challenged my thinking and as a result they have delivered more value — they are a true business partner.”

BNP Paribas soon realised that they required external support from an experienced company to help them achieve their vision. They engaged Positive Change Partners and together – we created a ‘Trusted Advisor Programme’ for their Client Relationship Managers across Europe.


The Trusted Advisor Programme was delivered as a series of highly-practical, intensive workshops and participants were challenged, stretched and held accountable to applying the skills they learned. It was ambitious – yet considered, and supported their overall strategy.

The objectives for the programme included: 

  • Create a climate for high performance
  • Develop personal confidence, capability and application
  • Break existing ‘habits’ and implement a wider range of effective responses and solutions
  • Drive more sales and better business performance through understanding, developing and using tools, methods and skills required to listen to and really understand clients (and other stakeholders)
  • Learn and apply creative methods required to deliver innovative and different solutions
  • Develop the skills to present ideas and proposals with high impact



A Trusted Advisor is someone who has the gravitas, creativity and skills to build trusted and collaborative relationships with the client. 

They have high-impact, transparent communication, hold structured conversations and using their advanced questioning and listening skills, they help the client understand and raise awareness of what they need. 

Trusted Advisors uncover things most people don’t – and as a result of their attitudes and behaviours, they build relationships that last.


The Client Relationship Managers who went through the programme have individually managed to break sales records – and significantly increase the overall sales for the division, exceeding all previous expectations.

The Positive Change Partners approach is one that focuses on the application of learning and the subsequent commercial results. They were steady and not afraid to challenge our thinking - we achieved more as a consequence.
The Client Relationship Managers have been able to strengthen their relationships with clients, existing and new – and dramatically increase their sales. They also now support their colleagues in doing the same.
This programme has been a resounding success and I’d like to thank everyone involved for their commitment, hard work and tenacity. – Bronwen Seaton-Wood

From some of the participants

Prior to the Trusted Advisor Programme, we focused too heavily on a small number of products and on acquiring as many clients as we could. Results were not bad though we were missing opportunities and highly dependent on market cycle and the corresponding funds’ performance. This has changed.
I had been quite successful in sales but I hadn’t really been applying tools that I had learnt before. The results were sufficient but I knew they could have been better with more training and focus. The difference with this programme was that we were being coached to apply the skills we learnt and were given opportunities to practice. You have to train.

For example, I had a meeting with a big insurance company. It was a new contact and during the conversation I was able to pick up on and explore what was really happening for them with my advanced questioning and listening skills. It led us directly to a concrete business opportunity. Before the programme, I wouldn’t have found that opportunity. Now I see a lot of situations where I simply use what I have learned and I also can see the success.
Before the programme, I was frustrated with some important clients - it was very difficult to fix meetings and get information about their needs. I found a lot of motivation during the training - I knew I could do it. Now, I contact clients differently and this year has been extremely good in terms of assets. I increased a lot of business especially with one difficult account, where I thought I was never going succeed!
Results can never be explained by a single factor but since the programme, the three most important figures are at an all time high within our Central European team. I have personally acquired new clients from two different countries and I am now a senior relationship manager with a truly internationally diversified client base.
The greatest success of the programme for me was acquiring the skills to dig and find all the information that is available during a conversation. I have been asking more well-structured and impactful questions to find out all necessary information and I have been able to get important detail from my clients. This has helped to deepen the relationship with them - and they now see me as a Trusted Advisor.

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