EXECUTIVE Coaching and Mentoring

Developing High Performing Individuals

Powerful results are achieved through coaching when there is ongoing accountability for actions and behaviours. Coaching raises an individual’s awareness and creates an environment where they will identify options, weigh up consequences, prioritise and make choices. By taking ownership and responsibility for themselves they establish the foundation for high performance, operating from a healthy state of mind, which we call ‘resourceful state’.

Coaching can be used within a wide variety of contexts - and can be applied across a broad range of organisational levels – from company Directors and CEOs to middle or new management.

Coaching for Leadership

Coaching addresses a variety of organisational issues and topics – from performance, engagement, leadership and productivity to negotiation, conflict resolution, sales and presentation skills.

Coaching is now recognised as the most effective and essential option for the professional development of leadership, high-potential talent and executive teams. 

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) found that “96% of organisations surveyed saw an overall positive impact on individual performance following a coaching initiative and 87% said it had a positive impact on their organisational performance.” 

Developing your Coaching Approach

Trusted Leaders and High Performing Teams

Coaching is both a developmental process and an approach that leaders and teams can learn and adopt.

When executed correctly, with the right intention, coaching is ‘considered questioning’ which draws on the experience and knowledge of the individual. The outcome of an effective coaching approach is:

  • A robust strategy with different options explored
  • Clear goals and responsibility
  • Actions are taken due to ownership of the results and accountability
  • Feedback is gathered as a natural part of the process
  • Lessons are discussed and acted upon

A ‘coach approach’ is the secret of exceptionally trusted leaders and high performing teams. It enables them to simultaneously lead, support and develop their people.

With coaching and workshops, we support leaders and teams to develop their own coaching skills. This subsequently improves their interactions and influence within the organisation as well as their own performance.

Coaching is at the core of what Positive Change Partners do; we believe strongly in the approach because of the lasting results we have witnessed. We are a team of professional, experienced, qualified coaches and some were among the first to bring coaching to the UK.


Mentoring varies from coaching as mentors will provide some guidance to support the team or individual and often bring a personal or business skill/capability that adds value to the client.

Mentoring allows the mentee to explore new ideas in confidence. The mentor will challenge current thinking and offer advice as required.

For executive teams, external professional mentors possess the objectivity that is required to achieve powerful, lasting results for the individual and for the company.

Simon brings sparkle, fun, creativeness and a deep sense of caring to the learning environment. His vast knowledge of business both from a theoretical stance and a very practical reality, has proved invaluable.
Positive Change Partners helped me to help myself in countless ways and I would not hesitate to recommend their services to pretty much any individual or business.