EMPLOYEE Engagement and Performance
building a climate for high performance

Working with the leaders and teams, we run intensive workshops with teams to create a climate for high performance and develop the attitudes and behaviours that will impact the bottom line. We develop the team's skills and the leaders' abilities to coach so they can support the team’s growth. Global companies and growing businesses are reaping the rewards of addressing these issues with us.

Aligning goals and unleashing your team's talent and energy

Our management performance expertise helps organisations to link individual performance to team goals and help the organisation achieve its strategic objectives.

Effective Feedback

The process of managing performance is actively supported by managers and staff when they have regular feedback sessions that complement the normal day-to-day working relationships, including: self-assessment, open discussion and an agreed evaluation of what is expected and what is delivered.

We support clients:

  • To set clear, realistic goals and targets and agree expected levels of achievement for all members of staff
  • To identify personal achievement, training and development needs for all staff and create a plan of action
  • To improve staff performance by encouraging the exchange of views, self-evaluation, the acknowledgement of success and the identification of areas that require change
  • To foster good communication and understanding between the staff and managers
  • To identify and develop potential for progression, encouraging staff to achieve their full potential and to develop their careers with the support of the organisation

Positive Change Partners have had a big effect on positive behaviours and attitudes, we now have better feedback processes, improved decision making from all our Senior Managers, improved store standards, better quality of colleague interactions and more ownership across all of those involved with the training.
Don’t expect the typical Powerpoint presentation sessions. You are taken out of your comfort zone regularly and given feedback and encouragement to try things and make mistakes in a controlled environment. It has given me the confidence to believe in myself and what I want to achieve.