Leadership and Management 

Leadership and Management Development 

There is no ‘off the shelf’ fix for leaders and managers; they operate in complex environments and unspecific training does not create effective change. 

It is the leadership's behaviours, structure and process that creates a productive climate and drives bottom-line results.  We challenge leaders and support them in developing these areas whilst focusing on the organisation's strategic objectives, thus achieving lasting results. 

The behaviours of leaders and managers inspire ambition and performance in their staff and determine future operational decisions. It is not just what someone does but how they do it; executives often under-estimate the effect of their implicit example.

Do you demonstrate the behaviours and competencies which differentiate you from the poor or average leaders?  


Anyone who has to achieve through the engagement of others has a leadership and/or management challenge.

Before co-creating any intervention with you we will identify the gaps in leaders’ competencies, or behaviours that are not serving the leaders well. We want to understand where the leaders/leadership team is, where they want to get to and then bridge the gaps with them.

Our strategic interventions incorporate proven tools and methods from all schools of leadership and management training.


Working as a Leadership and Management Team

Organisations may have managers that lead their teams with eloquence and skill; this however is not enough to beat your competition. When leaders/managers in different departments don’t work together as a cohesive team it can cripple even the most profitable of businesses.

The separation between managers and leaders is a common problem. Bringing them together in workshops with facilitated 'cross-function dialogue' closes the gap and the organisation starts to work together and profit as a whole.

Leading and Managing the Team

Your team’s performance starts with you.

Imagine two professional football teams being requested to play a soccer game for 90 minutes where there are no goal posts – no goals to shoot at, no leadership or management. Further to this, the members of the team have little to no collaboration, recognised roles and responsibilities and respect for each other’s talents.

•    What does this do for the motivation of the team, their performance and the individuals desire to achieve and develop?
•    As the leader of this football team, what would you do?
•    How does it compare to what you are currently doing with your own team?
•    Where are you excelling?
•    What needs to be improved?
•    Are you committed to the success of your team?
•    Are you willing to make changes?

Now, what are you going to do with your own team?

Evidence of Success

Leaders who have worked with us evidence how they empower their team members to own and deliver results.  In agreement with our clients; we follow up, monitor and measure progress and make the application practical, for better results. 

Positive Change Partners have helped leadership teams of blue-chip organisations and growing businesses make significant, lasting changes that achieve the desired results. If you would like to speak with us, please contact us via telephone or email. 

It’s not just presentations, there are lots of opportunities to work through what we learnt and practice - which is what makes the learning stick! I will be able to empower my team to increase standards and performance through coaching and working towards a clear vision.
These workshops will produce a solid team of leaders and help us progress individual development and company growth.
What is so different about the training with Positive Change Partners is the group involvement – we were providing a lot of the answers. It will make me a better leader and it aids my personal development. Further, the course will enhance the organisation’s credibility and we will be a part of something fantastic.