9 Dots: Problem Solving Game

Can you problem solve with unlimited thinking?

Neuroscience research demonstrates to us that we absorb more information (learn) from birth to the age of 14 than we do for the rest of our lives. The more we think we know, the more it limits our ability to learn.

Research also establishes that innovative and creative thinking is far more prevalent in children than it is in adults (just listen to the stories they come up with?). Given a simple puzzle, children will usually through creative thinking find a solution quicker than their parents. There is no ‘box’ to think outside of – they just think without limitation.

As a leader, how often are we faced with challenges and struggle to identify the ideal solution? Perhaps we find the first option will work, but is it the best option?

The Problem

Here are nine dots, your task is to connect them all with:

  • Only four straight lines
  • Lines must be connecting (don’t remove your pen from the page)
  • You cannot retrace your steps

Good Luck!

Scroll down for the solution.