How can Leadership Coaching benefit you, your teams and your business?

Alex Morgan explores the value of Leadership Coaching, now widely recognised as an essential business tool leading to increased efficiency and sales, and discusses what to look for in a great Leadership Coach.

What is Leadership Coaching?

Coaching, in terms of leadership development, can be delivered in two main ways. Team leaders can

  • undergo coaching as part of their own development, or
  • acquire the skills to adopt a “coaching” style of leadership which helps them develop their team

The “coaching” style of leadership aims to get your team to

  • work out the options
  • decide on the best strategy
  • implement that strategy

This approach ensures that team members “own the result” and makes them more accountable. Success in achieving these goals demonstrates the value of developing a leader’s own coaching skills, and validates coaching as a legitimate leadership development practice.

Is Leadership Coaching recognised and valued by business?

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) found that “96% of organisations surveyed saw an overall positive impact on individual performance following a coaching initiative and 87% said it had a positive impact on their organisational performance.” The CIPD also reported that “Coaching as a practice appears to be widely accepted in the UK”, while the Association for Coaching reports “widespread belief in the value of coaching in the UK”.

Coaching can play a major role in modern leadership development and is winning the confidence of Human Resources professionals and procurers of leadership development.

What does a Leadership Coach do?

Broadly speaking the role of a Leadership Coach is to help executives, directors and other team leaders become more effective in the areas in which they want to improve and to achieve the standards that they have set for themselves.

Good coaching and the best Leadership Coaches take inspiration from a variety of sources including Neuro Linguistic Programming, Psychodynamics, Transactional Analysis and Counselling.

What should you look for in a Leadership Coach?

The coach you need is someone who

  • you can build a trusting relationship with
  • is mature, experienced and qualified
  • can demonstrate they are working solely for your benefit
  • is an excellent questioner and listener.

Positive Change Partners can help

Leadership Coaching offers personal development that is entirely flexible. You can start working with a coach immediately face-to-face, by ‘phone, or by using a variety of communication options so that the training is delivered at a time and at a pace to suit you.

To experience coaching yourself and see how it can benefit you and your organisation, contact us today. Members of our team are experts in coaching and some were among the first to bring coaching to life in the UK.

Positive Change Partners work with organisations to embed the positive behaviours that impact the bottom line through training workshops, coaching, strategic planning and consultancy. We are based in Surrey, England and have a prestigious client base in London and throughout the UK and Europe. We also work internationally with global organisations. 

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