IN THE PRESS: Ignites Europe (FT)

"Generali trains sales team for third party success"

Leading with the title “Generali trains sales team for third party success”, Positive Change Partners were featured in Ignites Europe regarding their training with Generali Investments – the Italian asset management arm of parent insurance group, Generali.

Generali Investments’ overall objective for teaming up with Positive Change Partners for bespoke learning and development training, is to bring in $8bn of net new money from third-party clients over the next 3 years. 

The training itself involved 34 sales staff, 10 days and over 100 hours of development.

Generali Investments salespeople underwent a rigorous programme, including: gap assessments (to help each salesperson identify their weaknesses); personalised training (investment solutions mindset) and understanding the client (personality preferences).

According to the article, “Generali Investment chief executive officer, Santo Borsellino describes the training as an “unprecedented” company initiative that will “play a fundamental role” of helping the company achieve its aim of boosting its external client base.”


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