Our Approach

Why do 70% of all transformational programmes fail?

According to McKinsey & Company, 70% of all transformational programmes fail.

The question is why do most efforts fail to reach the desired results?

The main reason is people fail to convert knowing into doing.

We are often called in when there are significant challenges in an organisation. We see the results of previous external interventions and have discovered the following reasons for failure:

1.    Insufficient insight is gathered initially
2.    There are no clear objectives from the start
3.    People are not listened to or engaged
4.    Solutions are not created for the unique environment or challenge
5.    People are not stretched or taken out of their comfort zone
6.    Change is not embedded and new behaviours not practiced
7.    People are not held accountable and leaders are not engaged
8.    Return on investment is not demonstrated 

We have developed our approach and guiding process to ensure that these mistakes are not made.  

How do we do it?

1.   Challenging Conversations

In order to gain sufficient insight, challenging questions must be asked and the responses must be honest. Our direct business approach will safely take the discussion to the heart of the problem and then give you the space to paint us a picture of where you want to be with your organisation.

True business people who have been in the situations they are training

2. Deep Dive

After the initial conversations, we will then work with the leadership team to take a deeper dive into their challenges and form a set of clearly defined objectives for the development and the resulting desired impact on the business.

3. Skills Needs Analysis

When required, we run an intensive Skills Needs Analysis workshop where we:

•    Gain a common and agreed understanding of your objectives
•    Understand where you are starting from
•    Identify the capabilities required for success (participants and the business)
•    Provide contextual information so that the programme can be designed to fit with your needs (initial and future)
•    Secure ‘buy-in’ from key stakeholders

The input from the wider team is vital to gaining commitment to the results. We generate a report based on the discoveries to date, how to approach the development to achieve the desired results as well as the critical success factors.

4.    Design programme

Using our wealth of expertise, experience and insight, we design and develop a programme that is unique to your business and challenges. Learning comes from experience and practice and as one client says; we create ‘professional content, primarily focussed on doing rather than telling’. Often the leaders work with us to co-create the programme so that it supports their strategy and they commit to generating a positive and lasting legacy. 

We had several sessions during which PCP made sure that they understood our needs and built step by step a programme around our requirements and corporate culture.

5.    Workshops & Interventions

We run a series of group coaching workshops and interventions with you and your teams. We take people out of their comfort zone and stretch their capabilities. They will be challenged to think differently, to work together and to develop their skills through action.

In the interactive workshops there are very few slides and minimal hand-outs. You receive materials to support your learning after the sessions. The focus is on profit-related behaviours and actions, not just providing you with an intellectual understanding of what you should be doing. Change happens when you progress from knowing to doing.

PCP has an engaging delivery style that creates an exceptional learning environment with the flexibility to adapt style and content very quickly to a range of staff.

6. Coaching and mentoring

Coaching and mentoring supports on-going development, generating accountability for individuals and teams and taking them to action. It is this continued learning and practical application that leads to positive change and a resulting impact on the bottom-line. 

Coaching raises an individual’s awareness and creates an environment where they take ownership and responsibility for themselves. They establish the foundation for high performance, operating from a healthy state of mind, which we call ‘resourceful state’.

We coach groups and individuals, and work with the leaders to improve their coaching skills.

7. Snippets

When agreed, after the workshops we send a series of ‘snippets’ to participants. They include reminders of what was learnt and a series of questions to ensure that the learning is being practiced and behaviours embedded into their work.

8.    Evidence

Evidence of behavioural change and results for the individuals is imperative. We will hold people accountable to providing evidence – including the leaders.

They provide a committed follow up that means something to the people involved

9. Return on Investment

One of the first things we do it understand what success looks like and what metrics will provide the evidence. We hold clients accountable for evidencing the impact that the intervention has had in the business and its bottom line. 

We regularly see sceptics of training turn into the biggest advocates of change through our approach. We’re here to support you make positive change in yourself, your teams and organisation.