Developing Your Team For Success

What Makes A Good Team?

A team is a small number of people with complementary skills who are equally committed to a common purpose, common goals, and a working approach for which they hold themselves mutually accountable. Real teams are a unit of performance and are deeply committed to one another’s personal growth and success.

More often than not, teams in organisations remain unclear about what they want to achieve, are not trying to improve their performance impact, have not defined how they work together and have not established how to celebrate successes and deal with shortfalls.

Team building should be challenging and encouraging, tough work and inspiring. 

Are you in a Performance Team or a Working Group?

What is the difference between a working group, a potential team, a real team and a performance team?

Do your teams have shared purpose and equal commitment to a common purpose for which they hold themselves accountable?

How do you know?

What Does Successful Team Building Look Like?

During the team building event we address the following:

  • Defining the team
  • Types of team – do you understanding the elements that differentiate working groups from high performance teams?
  • Framework for team performance – are you familiar with the elements/aspect of team building and what each aspect means?
  • The clarity and relevance of the team’s goals
  • Team dynamics – Are you versed in the stages that a team needs to go through to achieve high performance
  • Are you clear on the approaches, attitudes and behaviours of performance teams built on trust and mutual recognition
  • Establishing team purpose, accountability and ownership
  • Decision making, evaluating progress and how tasks are delegated
  • Team motivation

A high performance team will significantly outperform all other similar teams, and outperform all reasonable expectations of its members.

Simon Ford of Positive Change Partners worked with me and my team in 2011. His insight and team building skills made a significant impact on the department and we are delighted with the outcome. Thank you for your very positive help and support.
— Marcia Cantor-Grable, Chief Risk Officer for Prudential Assurance Company

Offsite Team Building

We also run a selection of team building activities around the UK, Europe and around the world.

Meeting or running team building events outside of the office can positively impact the team thanks to the reduced number of distractions and effects of a new environment. This environment gives teams a fresh perspective; they shift their perception and together they start to build a stronger team with common understandings.

It is not just a ‘jolly outing’, we expect to work with you to prove the return on investment.

Here are a few examples of team building days or trips that we run offsite. 

Corporate Sailing

Build stronger, more effective teams and profitable, enduring client relationships through a unique portfolio of sailing activities. Sailing provides fun team events that are challenging and safe for all, irrespective of experience levels.

Working in partnership with your company, our Charter Logistics Team will ensure your bespoke sailing day becomes an unforgettable event, where attendees will participate in leadership, skill identification, communication, goal setting and all other elements of performance team building.

The Village – Coconut Island

Together with you, we will develop a bespoke intensive programme that we can run from Coconut Island, a five star luxury beach resort located on a small Island just off the East Coast of Phuket.

Creative, challenging and intense, this is an opportunity to work on the bigger picture whilst looking up at the blue sky.

Team Cooking

We have the special ingredient that will enable your team to keep winning; the primary objective being getting to know each other better through shared experience and collaborative working.

Taste the variety of different cultures, not only by sampling but creating food from all over the globe. This event will bring your team together on a new level of communication and create new avenues for effective communication.

Swiss Alps Experience

Team Building, Leadership and Management, Strategic Planning and more in the glorious location of the Swiss Alps. Add to this a range of outdoor activities all year round including orienteering, mountain biking, abseiling, quad biking, skiing and hiking.

Our fully catered venue is just two hours from Geneva.