I wanted to thank you both [Simon Ford and Barry Hennessy] for delivering such an amazing program which has helped me identify my performance weaknesses and has put me back on the right track. This has not only changed my perception towards work life but also my personal life.

The skills learned during the sessions have given me tremendous motivation to improve my performance using the newly acquired skills (excellent models and tools). This has also made me realise that there is no such thing as a ‘difficult customer’, we can get whatever we want by asking right questions. I am also learning this from my colleagues and managers; I now have two strong leaders who I can seek knowledge and advice from unhesitatingly.

I completed my MBA from a reputable business school but trust me, the skills and knowledge I have learned from the sessions with you are invaluable, which will certainly help me align my work with the company vision for Incentive.

It was a game changer when we got a representative [name concealed] on our board and with my learned skills, we have kept my three sites with Lynx and changed the client’s perception towards our company. This gives me great motivation to continue to perform to the next level and accomplish the company’s vision of being the best in the industry and a centre of excellence.
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The facilitation by Positive Change Partners was absolutely seminal to being able to hit the new financial year running and I am delighted to report that we are on track to hit, and exceed our multimillion dollar target this has been a terrific success. Their focus never deviated from the results orientated goals we set and it is not difficult to evidence the clear impact they had on our ability to deliver against budget. It was a job extremely well done

Simon Ford of Positive Change Partners worked with me and my team in 2011. His insight and team building skills made a significant impact on the department and we are delighted with the outcome. Thank you for your very positive help and support.

What stood out for me was the refreshing approach taken by Positive Change Partners. They do not offer a “cookie cutter” program based around preconceived coaching and training ideas. They approached this with genuinely fresh eyes, talked to the team with “gloves off” during initial sessions, and then tailored development training specifically to meet the requirements of the organisation.

Challenged with improving communications and the unpopular task of restructuring roles, which left many employees re-applying for their own jobs, it is fair to say staff morale was at rock bottom. Despite my experience in troubleshooting, Positive Change Partners still had a great deal to teach me about change and how we handle it. I think that the name ‘Positive Change’ says it all. The approach is completely focused on using tools and process to enable change to be viewed positively, which it so often isn’t.

Simon (our facilitator) was meticulous when it came to understanding our goals and really getting to know the business. He really helped lay the foundations of the successful, responsive team we are today.

Without his help I don’t think we would have had the openness and courage to tackle all the changes in the market place and within the company itself, which we have done so effectively. As a team we no longer fear challenges but relish them and tackle them head on.
— A Leading International Financial Organisation

After working with many training providers over the years, it is rare to find such a “Gem”, as Simon Ford.

Before delivering, he took the time and effort to really get to know the business, such lengths I have not witnessed before, and as a result absolutely wowed the delegates.
Simon brings sparkle, fun, creativeness and a deep sense of caring to the learning environment. His vast knowledge of business both from a theoretical stance and a very practical reality has proved invaluable.

As a business, we have witnessed some very special results stretching far beyond the original objectives of the training. Their determination to add value with every word, action and thought is infectious to say the least!

As an executive of a large Asset Management company and during the course of my tenure as the head of a large multi-national sales team I have encountered several exciting challenges.

The most exciting of which is the people! It has always been my main motivation and I am a strong believer in giving my team a sound set of intellectual tools and understanding that would mean reaching that extra mile – which is no longer an option in our business but rather a must-have. Designing a better sales manager profile and upgrading it to the status of a “Trusted Advisor” has been my polar star since the first day I was given the responsibility of a 100-person sales team.

After trying some self-made models I soon realized that it was only through a structured, professional and experienced process I could pursue my aim of building a better sales organization. I found that at Positive Change Partners.

When we approached PCP we had a clear vision of what we wanted to achieve but we lacked the clear view on how it would be acheived. What impressed me most was the time and dedication the team at Positive Change Partners spent to prepare the case with me and my team. We had several sessions during which PCP made sure that they understood our needs and built step by step a programme around our requirements and corporate culture.

What happened next was a very sharp execution delivered to over 45 individuals from 10 different nationalities and based in several different locations. The energy and power of the delivery was impressive. Even those few sceptical participants turned out to be among the strongest supporters of the program during the following sessions.

I have really appreciated working with the team at Positive Change Partners. I have experienced professionalism, competence and a true interest to understand my aim and help me and my team to achieve it.
— Head of Global Distribution Sales at Multi-National French Bank

They listened carefully to our needs, challenging and probing where necessary and delivered to us a refreshing and sustainable approach. Most importantly the approach is grounded, entirely practical and sustainable, which is highly relevant to the “front line” skills we are seeking to instill. The feedback is extremely positive and I am keen to convey the value of this up and through our business.

Just a quick line to thank you, Mark and the team for designing and delivering what Bob Cowie (BT Director) described as the best and most successful team building event he has ever experienced.

We have used Simon Ford and Positive Change Partners for a number of sessions now across the different departments in our business.

We have been most impressed how Simon can motivate our employees, from the directors through to the administration teams.

It is without hesitation that I would recommend Simon and his team at Positive Change Partners to other businesses.

Just thought I would let you know that we have had some exceptional successes at the Croydon store since I have completed your training course.

We have set both a new store record and a new company record for cash taken in a week, which beat all records in the company’s 22 year history!

The staff are conforming and I would suggest to the level of a high performance team, with outstanding individuals combining to be an outstanding team!

The store stock loss is down to a minimum as all staff are now aware of the importance of stock control and understand how stock is lost so know how to prevent it.
The store margin is 2% better over the duration of a month than it has ever been!

We are blowing our like for like sales apart by being up over the last 2 weeks!

He [Simon] has an immense ability to engage with people at the right level, his training and experience allow him to delve into some fairly scary places and get back out again with everyone in one piece.

He has huge presence and purpose about him, a great sense of humility and a wicked sense of humour

Your involvement has clarified our current situation and given us a framework to work with.

In our meetings you have quickly assessed the challenges and offered valuable feedback and practical options. You express yourself in a direct manner while remaining warm, positive and professional

Mark brings drive, insight and a positive energy to the partners in the firm. His impact is significant and can be readily seen through his coaching.

Praise for Managing Director Simon Ford

“I have worked with Simon on two projects. He brings clear incisive thinking, excellent interpersonal skills and a refreshing honesty to the work he undertakes. As an experienced trainer and development coach Simon seeks to maximise the potential of management through clear and well structured programmes, practically grounded and with measurable outcomes. Companies who want results should go to Simon. Companies who want abstract theory and management speak should also go to Simon, he will soon put them on the right track!” – Niall Fleming, CFO and Non Executive Director, Carrowdale Ltd

“Simon is a direct, passionate and engaging speaker. His talks are well considered, structured and worthwhile. I would recommend him to anyone interested in improving or just reflecting on their own managerial style and efficacy.” – Toby MacLachlan, Director at Wanna Insure

“Business trainers, consultants and advisors are a dime a dozen. Many promise the earth, yet measure the impact of their performance by solely intangible, immeasurable standards. Whilst I would be first to acknowledge that not all gain can be easily quantified, I’ve been impressed by Simon’s willingness to benchmark his performance by how it impacts his client’s bottom line. His in depth, real world experience, coupled with his respectful, yet straight talking manner, are a breath of fresh air.” – Simon Duke, Managing Director of NuServe

"Simon has an incredible ability to get under the surface of a brief, demonstrating exceptional understanding very quickly. As a result he always seems to get it right first time…..delivering outstanding results and with the ability to exceed deadlines. In addition to this Simon is highly personable, professional and also fun in his approach. Simon really makes change and impact happen. I very much hope we’ll have the opportunity to work together again.” –Thomas Peyerl, Media Executive and Investor

“We used Simon and Positive Change Partners at IAM for a number of projects. Simon has provided facilitation and structure for a strategic planning session, and has also provided dynamic input for a sales training project. On both, Simon’s professionalism and evident knowledge/experience shines through. He has high levels of client empathy, but is not afraid to provide constructive challenge and lots of energy. Great to work with.” - Colin Paterson, Marketing and Communications Director

“My clients often ask me for business/performance coach recommendations and Simon has not only won the business but built up a portfolio of testimonials and success. Success not only measured in the ‘feel good’ factor but in the bottom line – executive staff retention, improved performance and motivation and in some cases out and out sales growth.” – Rosalyn Rahme, CEO Goldjobs

“Simon is highly motivational and most engaging, particularly in a team environment. His service comes with my full endorsement” –  Jeremy Waud, Managing Director, Incentive FM Group Ltd