About Positive Change Partners 

Learning and Development for Results

Positive Change Partners works with organisations and leaders to develop and embed the positive behaviours that impact the bottom line; through workshops, coaching and strategic planning.

We challenge, ask the difficult questions and lead your teams through intense development. We also look to highlight and develop what people and organisations are doing right. As business people who have suffered through enough lectures disguised as workshops, we are sure to focus on ‘doing’ rather than ‘telling’.

We have a range of programmes that we have delivered globally in sales, leadership and performance. They are far from an ‘off-the-shelf’ solution as these at best are a temporary fix. Results are gained through effort in the preparation stage, intensive interventions / development, commitment to putting the learning into practice and then evidencing the results. 

Our business has a reputation to up-hold and we will only work with people who wish to effect positive change in their organisations. If you would like a simple training workshop to tick off requirements, then we probably aren’t the people for you and vice versa. 

Our aim is to fix unproductive patterns of behaviour and counterproductive processes and turn common sense into common practice thus contributing to business growth.

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