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Trusted Advisor SALES TRAINING

Advanced selling skills to uncover mutual value and build successful client relationships

We work with global brands and SMEs to develop their teams – and their approach to sales – to uncover opportunities, build stronger client relationships, differentiate themselves and increase sales performance. 

Why top performers use value-based selling skills

The changes in the market have set new challenges for sales teams:

  • Increased competition…but businesses find it difficult to differentiate themselves, their products and services.
  • Margins are being squeezed…but salespeople are continually selling on features, benefits and price.
  • Customers demand more…but businesses don't uncover their clients’ individual drivers.
  • Greater pressure to deliver results…but people are working on business they have no chance of winning.

Clients and customers don't just buy a product or service (nor the features and benefits), they buy value – which includes their experience and relationship with the seller.

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"I have experienced an increase in business and a vast improvement in my relationships with clients."

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"I have more credibility with clients and sales have improved dramatically."



Adopt the 'Trusted Advisor Approach' in your organisation

We see both individual and organisational success as a result of sales teams adopting the 'Trusted Advisor Approach' and developing  'value-based' selling skills, which include:

  • How to structure client conversations to uncover your client's real drivers – and help them fully explore their own objectives and challenges, including the effects of their decisions and actions (or inaction). 
  • How to listen (without pre-judgement or assumption) and calibrate effectively. 
  • How to understand and adapt to different personality types – improving the effectiveness of their communication.
  • How to ask questions and use coaching skills to dig deeper and clarify understanding for the client and themselves.
  • How to effectively prepare for client interactions – and why that preparation makes all the difference.
  • How to uncover mutual value and improve opportunity selection.

Our approach to Sales Workshops and Programmes

Interactive and engaging facilitation

Through interactive workshops, we work with your teams to understand and establish best practice with a set of clearly defined objectives. We share insights and our experience, but we don’t lecture. Participants take ownership of their learning and together they shape and commit to a common approach. Further to a set of agreed processes, attitudes and behaviours, this shared experience builds trust within the team.

Industry-relevant examples and role-plays

All of our learning and development workshops and programmes are intense, practical and include opportunities for participants to practice, coach each other and rehearse for success. We create industry-relevant role-plays that challenge people – and this is frequently cited as one of the most powerful aspects of the programme as people put learning into practice and build their confidence.

Evidencing results

We hold each individual accountable for evidencing results and achievement for themselves, their team and the business – as well as the added-value for their customers

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We have delivered Trusted Advisor programmes and workshops with SMEs and leading brands including BNP Paribas, Generali Investments, Incentive FM and Premier Asset Management. 

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"The workshops are different as there is more physical learning by doing and I have achieved more confidence and realisation of my own skills. This learning will help the organisation to drive more business."